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I have been an avid reader of Christian books for some time now and have had the desire to help others in finding good reading material. In this website we will share our thoughts on the books that we have read so that you can find one that will uplift your spirit.

Any Spiritual book discussion must start with the Bible. It is from the Bible that flows all good Christian writing. Of course the Bible is one of the first books on our reading list and is our guidebook.

Several years ago I turned my radio off from the popular radio stations and started listening to Christian music. I decided that the lyrics that my young kids and I were singing along to were not the best for us to be listening to.

If you are like me and most of your music listening is done while you are driving, then you will find out how nice it can be to have a praise service while you are driving to and from work.

You will also find a selection of writings and articles from various authors. These writings cover a range of subjects but are all authored in a Spiritual perspective.

Although the world seems to be spiraling away right out from under us there are now many spiritually based products available. We'll tell you what is out there and where you can find it. It's nice seeing kids and teens wearing things that are Christian based.

It is my hope that you will be blessed by what you find on our site as I have been blessed by writing it and putting it together.

If you have read any favorite Christian books or music, we would be glad to include your reviews on this site and hear from you.

My daughter took the beautiful picture at the top of the page of the Colorado Mountains.

Our newest book rating Thursday's With Moses by Brad Dunsmore.

Our newest book review Father The Future by Fabio Ivano Magalini.

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