12 Stones

I first heard 12 Stones on a television music video where I heard the song Broken for the first time. The strong guitar and fast pace caught my attention right away.

They are a guitar and drum heavy band along the lines of Skillet and Kutless. It is a rapless CD with a scream thrown in here and there.

It is not a strong Christian lyric CD, with many of the lyrics left open for us to interpret but at least I don’t have to censor any of the lyrics for my kids. The Christians among us will pick out the religious leaning.

12 Stones does not include any slowed down ballads; each song keeps the pace pretty quick. This isn’t a CD my wife looks to throw in when she rides with me. She’s more of a Mercy Me fan.

I have a hard time selecting one favorite song on this CD, but one of my favorite songs would be Open Your Eyes, with the lyric:

Just try to find the place deep within your soulAnd don’t deny the child living deep insideOpen your eyes and find this life is better than you knowIt’s in your hands nowJust open up your eyes

12 Stones is an excellent CD for those of us that like hard guitars and fast paced music.

The songs on the CD include:

The Way I Feel
Open Your Eyes
Fade Away
Back Up
In My Head
Running Out Of Pain
My Life
Eric’s Song

You can purchase 12 Stones here.

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