The 7 Great Prayers

For a Lifetime of Hope and Blessings

From the book cover of The 7 Great Prayers: “This powerful book guides you through seven simple yet life-changing prayers. These prayers are for all people and all faiths. Authors Paul and Tracey McManus show you how to overcome life’s challenges, get closer to God, and attract blessings into your life through the power of prayer.”

I enjoyed reading this book. It is a short book that can be read rather quickly and you can put the advice into practice right away.

I think there are many good points in this book. I think the biggest point may be that it leads you to stay in more constant contact with God. The seven prayers are simple and I agree that they cover a wide range of what our conversations with God should likely be.

I would also say that I do not believe that praying these prayers will miraculously remove your sufferings. I believe that our sufferings on this earth are at least partially shrouded in mystery and as shown in the book of Job we do not always know exactly why we go through struggles. On the other hand we should also know that our sufferings are temporary. I often think of the apostle Paul who still rejoiced while he was imprisoned and headed for a certain execution.

In the end I liked this book and recommend it. Read it to get another guide for communicating with God.

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