90 Minutes In Heaven

90 Minutes In Heaven - in 1989 a car accident takes the life of a Texas minister...... for 90 minutes.

Don Piper was a 38 year old minister driving home from a church conference when his car was run over by a tractor trailer. The paramedics determined that he was dead and they were waiting for the Jaws of Life to remove his body from the wreckage. A minister had walked up through the line of stopped cars and was praying and singing in the wrecked car with Don when he regained consciousness. Don had spent 90 minutes in heaven.

The author's description of what he experienced in heaven is very interesting. I've often wondered exactly what heaven is like and his description has shed a little light on it for me. I'll not try to explain what the book says here and even Don Piper admits difficulty in describing what he saw and experienced but it is fascinating. The description of his experience in heaven is only 16 pages. This book is not and is not intended to be a complete study on heaven. It is just what Don Piper experienced on that day in 1989.

Don goes through torturous treatment to regain his mobility after the accident and this is detailed thoroughly in the book. I would even say that much of the middle 2/3 of the book seemed to dwell too much on the pain and suffering he went through during his recovery.

The last few chapters do a nice job of describing how Don has been able to use this experience to help others.

Although I wasn't captivated by the entire book, it is interesting and the description of his 90 minutes in heaven will make you think. I also believe that we can learn some of the same lessons that the author learned from his ordeal.

The chapters include the following:
The Accident
My Time in Heaven
Heavenly Music
From Heaven to Earth
Earth to Hospital
The Recovery Begins
Decisions and Challenges
Pain and Adjustments
Endless Adjustments
More Miracles
Back to Church
Opening Up
The Clasping Hand
The New Normal
Touching Lives
Finding Purpose
Longing for Home
The Why Questions

90 Minutes In Heaven

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