Alien Youth

Alien Youth is Skillet’s bridge between the techno rock style of both Hey You I Love Your Soul and Invincible to the hard driving rock and melodies in Collide. You can still hear the techno rock but you can also still hear of the good things to come that I liked in Collide.

You Are My Hope, Thirst Is Taking Over, One Real Thing, Will You Be There and Come My Way are all songs in which Skillet leaves the techno rock behind. Some of these are harder than others with some being softer than you would expect from them but these are the songs that I like on this CD.

Come My Way is based on the healing of a woman who touched the edge if Jesus’ cloak from Matthew chapter 9. You’ve probably never heard this story quite like this before. With only vocals, piano and limited strings, Skillet weaves a wonderful song.

Alien Youth is a tough one for me. There are some songs that I really like and there are some that I just do not care for. In the end, I think this CD is worth it for the good ones.

Song titles include:
Alien Youth
Earth Invasion
You Are My Hope
Eating Me Away
Kill Me Heal Me
Thirst Is Taking Over
One Real Thing
Rippin Me Off
Will You Be There
Come My Way

Alien Youth

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