Almost There by MercyMe

Almost There is my wife’s CD. My wife, who likes the Michael W. Smith and Chris Rice style of music. As you can imagine this CD isn’t quite my taste.

As I was driving in a vehicle the other day scanning through radio stations I caught a couple of radio stations playing what they considered classic rock. While listening to this music I realized why I still look for the harder styles of music. Needless to say MercyMe isn’t any where near the style that I was hearing on the classic rock stations.

Although I do not include this CD in my rotation of CD’s there is one song that I cannot resist. There is something about the song I Can Only Imagine that draws me in. Maybe it’s the vision that it gives me of what that day will be like when I finally see Jesus. Whatever it is this song with its tinkling piano and easy beat has drawn in a rock fan into its admirers.

Almost There is not a CD for the Skillet, 12 Stones or Kutless fans but there is something about that one song.

Songs titles on the CD include:

I Worship You
Here Am I
On My Way To You
How Great Is Your Love
I Can Only Imagine
Bless Me Indeed
Cannot Say Enough
House Of God
Call To Worship
All Fall Down
In You

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Mercy Me - Almost There

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