Lord, Have Americans Gone Too Far?

Author: Bruce Cook

Many times lately I find myself wondering have we as Americans gone too far. As I sat in church one Wednesday evening and listened to some of our church members request prayer for the election, our country, soldiers in Iraq, people who were ill and about an upcoming Supreme Court ruling concerning the ten commandments, I started to think about all of the ways during my life that we as a country and society have turned our backs on God, and how he intended for us to live. I can scarcely believe that we as a whole in America and especially as so-called Christians have accepted it. I think about how this country has allowed God to be nearly excluded from most all ways of our everyday lives and especially how our children are required to be taught in our school systems. I think about the killing of unborn babies and the ghastly barbaric procedure of partial birth abortion. Our marriages are falling apart at record paces, drugs, physical and sexual abuse of children, rampant pornography, cheating, lying, police stationed at our schools and little or no respect for others by adults and children.

As I watch television at times I see things that shock, anger and disgust me by their moral and explicit content. Each show trying to outdo the other with no regard for our children who may be watching or listening. There are even commercials that I consider x-rated and disgusting.

In today's election campaigning I see and hear some politicians doing, saying and agreeing with anything just to be elected so that they can continue to cause our country to further deteriorate into a Godless nation. People supporting them will say or do anything for the sake of a character assassination.

As I come and go to church on Sunday mornings I see people attending to life’s distractions, and I understand that there can be emergency situations. Some will say that I went to church last night or this morning. But I ask you, is this all that our relationship with God is?

That we only spend an hour in church brings forth other thoughts. Why are people not attending church? Churches are being closed and attendance is far from good in many denominations. As I pass most of our local churches on Sunday and Wednesday evenings there are no services and the lights are out, with no desire for people to be there. I wonder what has happened to us.

Even when I was living a sinful life I never would have imagined what it would be like today. I still knew it was wrong because of my Christian teaching and examples by others. Today there are so many children getting no or little Christian teaching. Worse yet they have parents that had none or very little either.

So I ask the question, Lord, have we as Americans gone to far? Are you going to let us destroy ourselves by moral destruction from within? Are you going to withdraw your presence from us so that we will seek but not find you? Are we going to be destroyed like Sodom and Gomorrah? Are we entering or in the last days for America or even the world? I know Lord that you will not allow us to continue on as we are.

So as a Christian, an American, husband, father, grandfather and a veteran I am deeply concerned for our country and those who are lost. Lord I pray that you will cause a great revival to sweep across America and I am sure that all concerned Christians join me in raising this prayer to you. Lord, have we Americans gone too far?

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