Angels Among Us

Are Angels Among Us Today?

Author: Bruce Cook

Hebrews 13:2 clearly suggests that angels cloaked as men may walk among us today, just as they did among people of the Old Testament. Here are two stories from Tracy Mullens’s book Breakfast with Angels written in 1996. Read them and judge for yourself.

Margaret was going to the dentist office when two Doberman Pinschers charged out of their front yard and sandwiched her between them. No one driving by noticed the danger. Then suddenly, a young man jumped out of a pickup truck, crossed through the traffic, and with a word and a gesture sent the dogs back into their yard. Then he walked back through traffic to the truck. Noticing that he had signaled a left turn into a parking lot, she hurried to thank him. They should have arrived simultaneously. But when she arrived, there was no young man and no truck.

In another story she tells about a young naval officer traveling in the Alps with his family when they came to a six foot gap in the road, he took the children ahead to the next town while his wife remained in the car, because all of their belongings were in the car. As night began to fall, she remembered the words of psalm 9:11-12. Suddenly she just blurted out,” Lord send some of your angels, please.” A moment later a truck appeared, out of which climbed six rough looking men. Without saying a word they carried their truck over the washout, and then picked up her car, with her in it, and set it on the other side of the gap. She drove into the village and found her family. Nobody in the village had any idea of who the men might be.

Brad and Sherry Steiger in their book “Angels Over Their Shoulders”, published in 1995, tell of two young sisters, ages eight and four, that fell into a river and were carried away by a swift current. The pastor of a nearby church heard their mothers’ screams and hurried to the shore as a man fishing in a boat rushed to the girls rescue. It seemed certain that the girls would drown, but when the fisherman finally reached them, the little girls were floating calmly, as if somehow supported from underneath. Dr. Larson, the pastor, reported that men and women watching from the riverbank saw a beautiful person in white supporting the girls until the fisherman caught up with them. The girls insisted an angel had kept them from sinking and described their rescuer in “vivid detail”.

Psalm 91:11-12 says, believers look up, take courage, the angels are nearer than you think. For after all, God will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways. They will lift you up with their hands, so that you will not strike your foot against a stone.

Angels closely watch our lives to discover how the salvation we have been granted will find fresh expression in us.

Martin Luther wrote that although angels stand before the face and in the presence of God and His Son Christ, yet they are hard about us.

Angels are not limited by constraints of space and are able to move more swiftly. Zech.1:11 speaks of patrolling the earth. Daniel mentions angels flying but do not mention wings. Angels and other people as well closely observe the lives we lead and our faithfulness to the Lord. 1 Cor. 4:9.

Angels can speak in any language and Paul seems to indicate that angels have a language that they use among themselves. 1 Cor. 13:1.

Can angels fall from grace today?

Gods angels are called elect in I Timothy 5:21. This implies not only that they are called and chosen by God, but enabled by God to continue in grace. Once they decided to remain loyal to God or rebel with Satan their decision seems to have been permanent. Angels evidently received a special grace of perseverance, confirming their positions and are now incapable of sinning. (Hebrews 2:16) Angel status, elect or good, seems to have an awesome irrevocability. Fallen angels cannot be redeemed.

Angels Experience Emotions
Shout for joy Job38:7 Luke 15:10
Angels are Mighty, roll stones away, and unlock prisons
Angels are immortal Luke 20:36
Angels never die or retire, always serving God
Angels are intelligent 1Peter1:12 2 Sam.14:17 Math. 24:36
Angels number beyond our counting Deut.33:2 Heb. 12:22
Angels have a certain humility Jude 9 Rev 12:7 Dan 10:13
Angels are not above Christ
Angels stand ready to serve
Christ is much superior to angels and his name is more excellent

God’s angels may worship with us. The book of Revelation provides a picture of humans and angels together worshipping God. Angels and humans are created beings, and we are privileged to worship God together.

Do angels worship with us in our churches now? Two New Testament verses seem to suggest that they do. In 1 Corinthians 11, Paul urged women to dress appropriately when they gathered with men to worship “because of the angels” (11:10). First Peter speaks of the salvation described by the prophets and our experience of the gospel, “things which angels desire to look into” (1:12).

Each passage suggests a fascinating possibility. When we gather for worship, angels are in our congregations. Angels listen intently to the sermon, they sing and pray with us and they closely observe our ways and worship. What a wonderful possibility! When you sit by what you perceive to be an empty chair or a vacant spot in the pew, there might actually be an angel sitting right there beside you.

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