Angels Anonymous

God’s Undercover Angels

Author Jo-Ellen Goodall

Angels Anonymous is a collection of stories about ordinary people who do the little extra. There is one chapter about true undercover angels that never revealed their true identity but most of the people are normal everyday folks. It is love that makes these people do the little extra and we know that love and all things good come from God.

Angels Anonymous? God’s undercover angels? I surely don’t think of myself as an angel but if I do something through love, this love does flow from God. I guess in that sense we can all be His undercover angels.

I pesonally know one of the people that the author talks about in this book and I know that he’d surely not consider himself an angel, but we see the kind things he does because of the love God placed in his heart and his willingness to follow these feelings.

This is an inspiring book, although not deep in philosophy, it reminds us of what a simple act of kindness can do. Something that we think means nothing could change a life. God has a plan for all of us and we never know the path until we look back.

When your conscience tells you to do something good for another person go ahead and do it. You never know just how much it may mean in the other persons life.

I recommend this book to renew your faith in the work of God through ordinary people like you and me.

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Angels Anonymous

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