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As Smart As A Rock

By: Dana Huffman

If my favorite team won a game and no one cheered, would the fields around the stadium cheer instead? If the celebrity I like won an Oscar and no one shouted, would the valleys of California shout in their place? If I wrote a best selling book and nobody clapped, would the trees in my yard applaud me? Of course the answer to these questions is no. But not because these things are incapable of praising.

When Jesus rode into Jerusalem on the week he was to do his greatest work, there were some who threw down their coats and yelled and cheered praising God for all he had done. There were others who stood by in silent disapproval. To the silent and disapproving Jesus said, "If they keep quiet, the stones will cry out." What did Jesus mean by that? He meant that God will be praised, and if people don't praise him the rest of creation sure will. The bible doesn't teach that rocks and trees have souls or spirits, but it does teach (in Isaiah and the Psalms) that when it comes to praising God, mountains are capable of bursting into song, trees can clap their hands, fields can act jubilant, and valleys can shout and sing. All of God's creation naturally applauds him. All except for people. People have a choice. So, when it comes to giving God praise for things he has done, or will do, may we be as smart as...... well, a rock.

"I tell you" Jesus said. "If they keep quiet, the stones will cry out." Luke 19:40 NIV

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