Audio Adrenaline Hit Parade

Audio Adrenaline Hit Parade was the first Christian CD that I purchased. I can’t remember what made me decide to buy it, as opposed to the others that were in the store, but it turned out to be a good starting point for my search for Christian music.

Hit Parade is a compilation of songs from their previous CD’s along with two new songs (Will Not Fade and One Like You). Since I did not have any other Audio Adrenaline CD’s prior to this one, all of the songs were new to me.

Audio Adrenaline is a good ole rock band that seems to enjoy the music. Hit Parade, as well as each of their CD’s that I have purchased since, includes a variety of music. Some songs are harder with grinding guitars and drums while others are more playful and lean towards the pop style. There is no ambiguity in their lyrics, this is a Christian CD.

There is no rapping or screaming on Hit Parade. The music lies comfortably in between the hardness of Skillet and the pop style of the Newsboys.

There aren’t any songs on the Audio Adrenaline Hit Parade CD that I skip. That’s pretty good for a CD with seventeen songs. The slowest song is the last song, Rest Easy. Although not a favorite, I still don’t eject the CD early.

The two new songs are both good tunes. Will Not Fade is a good hard driving start while One Like You slows it down just a little but still keeps a good pace.

To continue to use the “my wife” scale, this one lies on the edge. There are some songs that are a little too much for her Mercy Me, Micheal W. Smith tastes while others don’t make her cringe too much. In the end we can leave this CD in while she is riding with us. Meanwhile, my kids like it.

One of my early favorites was Chevette. Maybe it was because I can actually remember the car. Lately I’ve grown fond of Man Of God. It’s a slower song, but with a great message.

Songs on Hit Parade include:

Will Not Fade
I’m Not The King
Mighty Good Leader
Some Kind Of Zombie
Get Down
Walk On Water
Big House
We’re A Band
Hands And Feet
Man Of God
Never Gonna Be As Big As Jesus
One Like You
Rest Easy

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Audio Adrenaline Hit Parade

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