Biblical Roads to Financial Freedom

Biblical Roads To Financial Freedom – Simple Steps To Prosperity On Earth And Treasures In Heaven by Robert W. Katz

I just completed this book last night and find myself struggling to describe it. I guess I just didn’t find in this book what I thought I would after reading the title.

I think the most intriguing thing in the book is the belief or thought that our heavenly reward is based on our earthly actions. Sort of like making it to heaven, but just making the outskirts.

Robert Katz was challenged to write Biblical Roads to Financial Freedom to try to keep us from setting our sights too firmly on the worldly or monetary riches of this life while missing what God wants us to achieve while on earth. He believes that missing out on our mission from God will lessen our rewards once we reach heaven.

Now I don’t want to debate the scriptural complexity of this thought, rather I would like to use it to see what we can learn from it.

Making it to heaven but after making it there we realize that we did not accomplish on earth what we should have? Accepting that Jesus is the Son of God and believing that only through Him we are saved but not doing the work that God had planned for us? Accepting the salvation of Jesus Christ but selfishly walking our own path on earth?

Will the heaven written of in the Bible allow us to realize that we could have had more? This could be an interesting discussion. I do know that the Bible speaks of different rewards in heaven, I’m just not sure that we will realize that our reward is not as good as others. Maybe we will realize it, but we will not have the capability or desire to let it bother us. Will the all encompassing love of God be so strong that all thoughts and feelings that are bad or negative be extinguished?

Good questions, but do we yet know the answers?

What do I take from Biblical Roads to Financial Freedom? For me it reinforced my thoughts that God has put us here for a purpose and for our own good we shouldn’t squander it.

One of my favorite quotes from the book is from the Embrace Great Exploits chapter, “Very seldom will the Lord allow great exploits to unfold in your life the way you would have planned them”.

I would consider this book a good rudder for us as we manage our financial life; that we keep our eye on the goal and not let the pursuit of worldly riches rule us.

Maybe the title is a little misleading on purpose. Mr Katz may want to catch those of us that think this book is finally the answer to earthly prosperity that we are looking for. Once he has our attention he then tells us that true riches lay in heaven after doing Gods will here on earth.

The chapters in Biblical Roads To Financial Freedom include:

House of Mirrors – Poor Reflections, Partial Tales

The Third Seed – Enter Deceit

The Runner – It Just Couldn’t Be That Simple

Biblical Prosperity – How Do I Get There From Here

It All Begins With Tithes and Offerings – The Keys to Supernatural Release

Beware of Debt – Devilish Distraction

Seek Godly Wisdom – He Still Answers All

Be Diligent About the Basics – Knowing the Condition of Your Flocks

Diversify – Apples and Baskets

Avoid the Schemes and Dreams of Man – But It Sounded So Good

Provide for the Future – So Noah, Why the Big Boat

Find Someone to Whom You Will Be Accountable – We All Need Covering

Live a Life of Character, Discipline, and Honesty – What Would Jesus Do

Embrace Great Exploits – Impossible, Difficult, Done

Wonderful Counselor – The Holy Spirit

A Prophet and a King – Abraham and Solomon

Pauper in Paradise – What I Dread the Most

Real Meat By-Products – The Meaning of Life

Grave Consequences – Choose Ye This day

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Biblical Roads To Financial Freedom

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