Born Again

What Really Happened to the White House Hatchet Man

Born again was written by Charles Colson, former special counsel in the Nixon administration. Colson tells his story from the days of the second Nixon election to his release from prison and most importantly his born again experience.

Although Watergate and politics may not suit you this is an excellent book. When I was reading this book I would pick it up and read every chance I got. I found Born again to be very captivating and inspiring and couldn't wait to see what was written on the next page.

From the back cover of the book, "against the backdrop of the explosive Watergate scandal, Charles Colson revealed the story of his own search for meaning during the tumultuous investigations that led to the collapse of the Nixon administration. …Colson paradoxically found new life not with success and power, but while in national disgrace and serving a prison sentence."

I highly recommend Born Again.

The chapters include the following:
Something Wrong
Good Enough
Break All the -------China
The President's Night Out
Hatchet Man
Exhausted Volcano
The Long Hot Summer
An Unforgettable Night
Cottage by the Sea
Washington Revisited
Christ in the Headlines
The Lonely House
Underground Movement
Guilty, Your Honor
Awaiting Judgment
Fall of the Gavel
The Slammer
Don't Get Involved
No Favors, Please
When Two or More Gather
A Helping Hand
Unexpected Gift
Spiritual Warfare
A Time to Be Free

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