Broken Seed

Broken Seed is the second installment in the Deceiver Saga by R.J. Machado De Quevedo.

As was the first installment in this series, Broken Seed follows young Melanie Bishop as spiritual forces buffet her about as she continues to try to follow God's lead in her life and the important task she has been given. There isn't a lot of information about what she has been given to do, that must come into play more in the third book that I'm looking forward to reading.

Melanie continues to struggle with the demons from her past. Family and former friends continue to haunt her.

Again this book doesn't cover a lot of ground as it moves along. It is not a fast paced book, but it will drag you along in anticipation of what happens next. I generally like fast moving books, but this is well enough written that I had no problem hanging in there.

I do think there is a little too much detail in one of the spiritual battle episodes concerning a sexual situation. I just think that the author could have gotten the point across with a little less. It's only one episode, but I'd rather not have read this much detail.

Like the initial offering in the saga Broken Seed is a good book to read and draws you into the characters as it moves along. You will feel deeply for the trials that Melanie Bishop faces as God tries to use her for his purpose and she continues to work on her new found faith while still fighting old demons.

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