Cemetery Nightmares or Visions

Author: Bruce Cook

When I was a young child my family lived in a one-room home at the top of the cemetery. At the ages of four, five or six I would wake up at times yelling and telling mom and dad that I could see a person or people walking towards my bed. They never seemed to want to do me any harm, but it scared me. We always contributed it to having nightmares. I remember telling mom and dad, as they would come to me and try to calm me down, that I could still see them and that I was awake.

Now that I am an old man and look back on some of the experiences in my life, I have to wonder if even at that early age I had the ability in some way to have contact with some spirits, and if it were true, what was the reason and who were they? After you get older you tend to be able to reflect on things, times or events that have happened in your life.

I can’t say that those were spirits that I saw, but I believe they probably were. If they were spirits, I wonder if I have missed something, what the reason was. Why would they appear to me, a young child? I wonder if perhaps I was not suppose to know about these visions, encounters or feelings until I was older and could understand. Maybe I’ll never know the reasons for these particular events. Could they have been for protection since I was so young?

If God has sent these visions to me than I gladly welcome them. I know that now they do not frighten me, but give me a sense of peace.

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