Change the Conversation

Change the Conversation is a book written by Samantha Hanni. The sub title of the book is Teens, Dating and the Church and this puts the book into perspective.

This is a topic that, at my age, I've both experienced and have raised two children through. One of my children is now married and the other is in her early twenties. So, I guess you could say that, although I'm not in the middle of the teen dating scene, I've been there from a couple different perspectives.

I really like this book and think it is a great book for teens who are reaching this point in their lives. I like the authors attitude of not condemning those who have made mistakes. There is no quicker way to make someone put a book down. In a sense, she does not talk down to us.

These are not the steps to successful christian dating and mate finding. The author just talks of what is biblical and tells of her own experiences through this phase of life. It is just an open and honest discussion about starting relationships that lead to God honoring marriages.

Change the Conversation is not a long book, which is another plus to get teens to read it. It could be read in one setting.

All in all, this is a very good book that will introduce christian principles into dating and finding your soul mate.

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