Chasing Daylight

Seize The Power Of Every Moment

Chasing Daylight is authored by Erwin Raphael McManus and was previously released under the title Seizing Your Divine Moment.

The book is based a passage from the book of Samuel that details Jonathan and his armor bearer attacking the Philistine army.

We Christians seem to be good at being defensive Christians. We go to church on Sunday and do not do bad things and we feel we are doing just fine. Chasing Daylight takes the stance that this isn’t enough, we should be active Christians doing the little things every day, each time God whispers his direction to us.

In the history written in the Old Testament, Jonathan could have easily sat back and waited for his father Saul, but he knew that God had given the Philistines to Israel. I think we spend too much time waiting for someone else to do what we know needs done ourselves. God whispers his desires to us and we conveniently ignore them, we are much too comfortable.

I highly recommend this book to you and hopefully both you and I will start acting when God gives us those little nudges.

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