God's Hands


Chicken Little

By: Dana Huffman

"Chicken Little was in the woods one day when an acorn fell on her head. It scared her so much she trembled all over. She shook so hard, half her feathers fell out." She was sure the sky was falling. She set out to find the king and tell him of her fear. Sadly, she never made it. A fox got in the way. He told her a lie, lured her into his den and had her for dinner. Had Chicken Little made it to the king, I feel sure things would have ended much differently. Happier.

Recently I received some news that upset me. It wasn't news that most people would worry about. Most people would have taken the news for what it was, just an acorn on the head. But for me, the sky was falling. We're all bound to experience an acorn on the head at some point-- an upsetting experience we don't understand. We will feel frightened. We may even tremble all over and shake half our feathers out. But we must remember God our King and go to Him in prayerful conversation. A conversation that might go something like this... Are you trying to kill me Lord? "No." Is the sky falling Lord? "No." Then what was it that fell on my life today? "It was a seed." A seed? "Yes, the acorn that fell on your life today is an opportunity for you to talk to me about the things that scare you. It's an opportunity for you to receive my comfort. But most of all, the acorn that fell on your life today is an opportunity for you to know that I love you Chicken Little. I always will.

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