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At Avid Christian we would like to provide you with some articles written by various authors that cover a wide array of Christian topics. We plan on using articles from different authors from our local community and other articles we have found inspiring, but if you have written something that you would like to contribute, just e-mail us and we will add it to our list.

Hopefully we can stimulate you to think and study God’s word for yourself. The information contained in the Bible is limitless and has a message for each of us. We will write from our hearts what God has set there for us.

The articles will cover a wide variety of topics and hopefully you can find something here to warm you soul.

The Empty Corner Blog




Tribulation and Judgement

Church, State, God and Rapture

God's Wrath

Susan Boyle's Gift



Sin and Judgement



Bruce Cook's Testimony

Prayer 101

The Love of God

Is God Kind

Hand Writing On The Wall


Scars of Life

My Jesus - Lyrics by Todd Agnew

Words To Live By

How To Make The Most With The Rest Of Your Life

Excuse Me, Are You Jesus?


Declining Church Attendance

God's Coffee

Christmas Past

Thanksgiving at the Farm

Little Church On The Corner

We Are At War

Have Americans Gone Too Far?

Our Depression Home In The Cemetery

Our Journey Across The Desert

The Birth of Jesus

God's Seasons

The Vineyard

Christian Fish Symbol

God's Weekend Show

God's Love

My Big Plans

Christian Family Camp


Love, Judgement, Heaven or Hell

Spiritual Hug

Law and Order Angels and Undercover Angels

Angel Encounters - Are they from God?

The Origin Of Angels

If You Commit - God Will Help You

Me Lord?


How Can I Explain - To the Veterans

The Hospital Angel

What Is Sin?

Cemetery Nightmares or Visions

Independence Day

Does God Hear All Prayers?


Angels Among Us

Mom's Angel

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