Collide by the Christian Band Skillet

I first heard the Christian band Skillet on a television show on Saturday nitghts that plays the 10 most requested Christian songs for the preceding week. Skillet’s song Savior had made the top 10 and the song intrigued me.

Later we were at a Christian Book store that gave you the capability to listen to CD’s and we gave it a quick listen before purchasing it.

Collide is heavy on guitar, bass, drums and a little keyboard along with rather raspy vocals and has become one of my favorites. I didn’t have to listen to this CD very many times before I liked it.

Collide is not one of those CD’s that will be turned into worship music across the country, even though that is probably something that wouldn’t bother me. This isn’t a CD for those that lean towards the pop music style.

Somehow the scream has made it into music these days. Collide does have a little of this, but even though the scream is not my thing, it doesn’t seem to detract from the music.

There are two songs on the CD that slow down a little. A Little More and Under My Skin take it down just a notch and are more pleasing to someone that likes the slower music. Don’t get me wrong; they didn’t put their guitars away. If my wife is in the truck with us and Skillet is in, these are the songs that I try to play.

My favorite song on Collide is…… I can’t decide. If forced I would probably pick Fingernails. This song just seems to play down hill. I like the way they use the tempo in the song. It hits it real hard, slows down a little and then builds back up and wham, blows it back out again. I think that I also connect to the message that I take away from this song.

“Never reaching what I want to reach
Never being who I want to be
Blaming me when I fall and fail
All my dreams splintering under my fingernails
All my dreams out of reach under my fingernails”

I can honestly say that there isn’t a song on the CD that I do not enjoy. If your music taste is similar to mine the Christian band Skillet’s Collide would be a good CD for you.

The songs on Collide include:

Open Wounds
A Little More
My Obsession
Under My Skin
Cycle Down

Skillet Colide

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