Christian Clothes

More and more I am seeing people wearing their faith in the form of Christian clothes. Twenty or thirty years ago I can’t seem to remember seeing clothes with Christian themes. Although our world often seems to be going downhill, I now often see people wearing clothes that display their faith in God.

Even my 12-year-old son has asked for some of these items. This past Christmas he asked for a wristband with a cross on it and a hoodie with a Christian message. He also bought a toboggan cap from Walmart that said “Just Pray” on the front. It’s encouraging to see people wearing these things, especially our younger generation.

My daughter received a pair of cross earrings for Christmas and they are one of her favorites.

Our summer family camp has sold t-shirts the last two years and they have sold out or nearly sold out both years.

Many types of Christian garments are available. The most popular are probably Christian themed t-shirts but there are also hoodies, sweatshirts, wristbands, tank tops and hats of all kinds.

It’s great to now see people wearing Christian clothes to let others know of their faith.

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