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Since 1999 our family has attended the Tri-State Free Methodist camp in East Liverpool, Ohio, a Christian camp for the entire family. It is 10 1/2 days of relaxation and pure spiritual rejuvenation.


Another year of family camp has come and gone and I hope we’re all better for it. It’s always tough to step off of the grounds and go back to our regular lives but it always happens.

This year the evangelist was Rev. Jake Huffman a Baptist pastor from Kentucky. Jake brought many great messages to us, trying to stretch us and help us reach closer to God.

The morning classes began with a detailed look at The Lord’s Prayer. The breakdown of this short, what seems simple prayer was very interesting and I believe that I’ll no longer say this prayer the same again.

Pastor Jake has been given a wonderful gift for story telling and is deftly able to mix them in with scripture to drive home down to earth messages. I enjoyed each message and am thankful to have been in attendance for most of the messages. You could probably title the evening messages as practical living through Biblical perspectives. There was a lot to take home from them.

The Satterfields worked with the children again this year; thank God for the Satterfields there was quite a number of children in camp this year.

We also had missionaries Jim and Margaret Nelson who had spent time on the mission fields in China and Cambodia.

Pastor Bud Mitchell and his wife Stefanie from our own Brooke Hills Free Methodist Church corralled the youth. The youth occupied the front rows after one admonition form Pastor Jake, and an inside source informed me that Pastor Bud reinforced the front pew attendance the next morning as well.

If you get the chance to take your family to a church family camp do them a favor and make your family bond stronger through Christ.

Here is Pastor Jake and Dana. Make sure you take a look at Dana's Touchpoints articles.

Pastor Jake and Dana Huffman


The evangelist this year was Rev. Kenny Martin. Pastor Kenny is the pastor at New Vision Fellowship in Forestville, Maryland. We were very fortunate to have Pastor Ken this year. He is an enthusiastic preacher who is on fire to win souls for Christ.

To give a very brief description of Pastor Ken's messages I would say that he wanted us to stop sitting on our hands. We get comfortable in our nice churches while there are millions of hurting people out there that need the love of Christ. He coerced us to reach out and have a vision for reaching the lost that are all around us. The elder Christians need to reach out to the younger generations and teach them from their past experiences both good and bad. We dream too small, God can do great things when we let Him.

Hopefully those that attended can keep the fire that Pastor Ken lit in us going as we go back to our individual churches. It is much too easy to just fall back into our comfortable pews and be satisfied with the status quo.

This year the camp brought in Dennis Craig to work with the teens. Since I'm not a teen I can't tell you exactly what he did but the response by the teens in the evening services was phenomenal. Many even sat in the front pews of the tabernacle during the services after a little prodding from Rev. Martin. The teens jumped at the alter calls making us old fuddy duds look real bad. You can take a look at Dennis' website.

My son attended Dennis' afterglows in the evenings and enjoyed them, especially the Fear Factor contest on Friday night. An unsolicited testimony from a teen stated that she couldn't wait to get to Dennis' morning classes and always hated to leave. Dennis seemed to have a passion to help the teens.

The Satterfield's were the children's workers again this year and they had a horde of young ones running from the tabernacle each night to sings songs and watch the puppets. I'm not sure what all they do with the kids but my daughter sure loves them. The children sang three songs in the tabernacle on Friday night and did a great job.

The missionaries were Dr. Frank and Carol Ogden who served in Africa. Frank is a medical doctor and his wife Carol is an English teacher and pastor. It always amazes me when I hear of someone such as a doctor that gives up a comfortable life here in the United States to go abroad and help others. This alone should prod us to do more.

Camp also included several other activities such as a golf scramble, volleyball tournament, family bowling, crafts, bonfire, Tri-State Camp American Idol contest, auction to raise money for the camp and a concert on the first Sunday afternoon by Glory Bound, a local Christian bluegrass band. One of my favorite activities was getting milkshakes from the camp store in the evenings.

Family camp has been a wonderful experience over the last seven years and this year left us all wondering what could possibly top it. If you get a chance to attend a Christian family camp please do. It could be a life changing experience for you and your family.

the avidchristian family and Pastor Kenny

This is the Avid Christian family and Pastor Kenny on the campgrounds.

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