Christian Missions

After the resurrection Jesus told the disciples to “go and make disciples of all nations”(Matthew 28:19). As Christians we believe that this still applies to us today, but how many of us act on it?

Some go to far off countries, sacrificing the comforts of home to spread the word of God. These people deserve our respect and support.

I feel that each of us has a God given purpose and that we are not all meant to go and risk our lives in threatening countries, but I also feel that we should at least support those who do in every way that we can.

It is no secret that there are millions of people out there who need to hear the message of salvation and there are millions who just need help. It is those who need help that I think we can most impact. When we freely give we show the love of Jesus.

Each time I meet someone who works in Christian missions I’m impressed by the sacrifices that they have made for others. There are medical doctors that could be living more than comfortable lives in the United States that have given this all up and are doing medical work in other countries for a tiny fraction of what they could be earning. I have deep respect for these people.

What can you do to help? The simplest but most powerful thing you can do is to pray for those who are in the Christian mission field.

You can also donate to them to help them meet their financial needs. Although prayers will reach the most powerful source, missionaries still need monetary backing.

Finally, think and pray about serving on a short-term mission trip yourself.

There are currently three Christian missions organizations that I am familiar with. They are the Free Methodist World Missions, Free Methodist Church in Europe, Sonlight Missions and Makarios International. I know people that have served or are serving in each of these and believe that they are doing very good work for the Lord. Follow the links to each one to learn more about them.

You can read more about Sonlight Missions written by someone from our local congregation here.

Here is a website where you can buy coffe and help with missions work at the same time - Mission Grounds Coffee - The Gourmet Coffee Helping Children.

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