Color Me

Color Me, by artist Judy Martin Hess, is a gospel CD with a lean towards country.

Her music reminds me of Jennifer Knapp and isn’t generally what someone growing up listening to rock music from the 70’s through the 90’s is looking for. On the other hand, those that like the slower music similar to Knapp would like this CD. Sometimes I have to remind myself that not everyone has the same musical tastes that I do.

If you would like good Christian music from a good female vocalist that has a little spring to it’s step (pun intended with the song Shoes) then you will enjoy Color Me.

Song titles on Color Me include the following:

Through Thick and Thin
Pure Heart
Let It Snow
Better Than Anything
Beautiful To Me
The Divine
Color Me
All That Matters
Standing By
Don’t Wanna Let A Day Go By
If I Could

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