Comatose is Skillet’s 2006 offering and the fifth Skillet CD that I have listened to.

Usually I have to listen to a CD for a while before I get used to it. For instance Lifehouse No Name Face was like that for me. I didn’t care for it much at first but now after a few years it is one of my favorite CD’s.

Comatose was not like that. The first time, the first song I thought that this CD was a good one. I popped it in the CD player in my truck and the first few seconds of Rebirthing immediately caught my attention. This is a great start to a CD.

In comparison to the other four Skillet CD’s, Comatose resembles Collide the most but is just a little softer. The meta/techno styles in their earlier offerings is barely noticeable. I read one review that called it rock/symphony and that could describe it well.

Comatose has some slower songs, what you would probably call rock ballads. These songs are what make this CD a little lighter than Collide. Although these songs soften the CD some I think they’re a nice break between the harder songs.

My favorite song would be a difficult pick. It’s hard to get past Rebirthing since it starts the CD off strong and never lets up, maybe that’s why they originally called it rock and roll. I also like Falling Inside The Black. It’s another song that comes at you hard.

The Last Night is a good song. I’m not sure if it is about cutting or someone who has tried to commit suicide but I do know it is about a soul in trouble.

Looking For Angels is a different style but has a great message. There is a lot in this song. If young folks listen to this CD I hope they pay attention to this song, well, I hope we all pay attention to this song.

From a Christian standpoint Comatose isn’t a shove Jesus in your face CD. You have to listen for it in most songs but it is there.

Comatose is Collide turned down a notch, so far I’m enjoying it.

The tracks on the CD include:Rebirthing
The Last Night
Yours To Hold
Better Than Drugs
The Older I Get
Those Nights
Falling Inside The Black
Say Goodbye
Whispers In The Dark
Looking For Angels

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Comatose by Skillet

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