The Cross Examination of Jesus Christ

The Cross Examination of Jesus Christ is written by Randy Singer, a former lawyer. As you can tell from the title of the book he has taken his law experience and written a book from a lawyers point of view laying out the case for Jesus Christ. He does this from the point of view of Pilate's legal council.

I found The Cross Examination of Jesus Christ to be very interesting. It made me look at things from a little different angle and I think it will do the same for you. I like a book that can take the New Testament and make me look deeper and that is what this one does.

Along with the "legal" defense of Jesus the author does a wonderful job of blending in stories to help get his points across.

He also does a good job of making us think - what if? He takes Biblical stories that we do not know all of the details behind and gives possibilities of what may have happened. These details are fictional but they help us take a deeper look into these stories ourselves. One of these is, just what did Jesus write in the dirt? This one was very thought provoking and interesting with a spin that I’d not heard before.

This book is also a solid defense of the validity of the New Testament and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

I highly recommend this book.

Chapter titles include:
Rome v. Jesus of Nazareth (The Trial)
Who Can Forgive Sins but God?
Bloody Band-Aids and Telltale Hearts
What's Your Sign?
Guilty as Sin
The Law as Taskmaster
Jesus Takes the Fifth
Making Heads and Tails of Church and State
The Witness Strikes Back
Rome v. Jesus of Nazareth (The Verdict)

The Cross Examination of Jesus Christ

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