David Crowder Band

Illuminate by the David Crowder Band

I received this CD for Christmas. You know the relatives are always trying to clean me up.

I had not heard of the David Crowder Band before receiving this CD but I have came to like it even though it does not generally fit my music style. This CD is softer than most music that I enjoy like Skillet or Kutless but I think there is enough interesting guitar along with the wonderful faith based lyrics to keep me listening. Some of the songs are just a little slower that I prefer.

There is definitely no rapping or screaming on the CD. These I do not miss.

I would probably rate this CD a little lighter than Third Day although it isn’t pop music and it isn’t geared to kids. It is probably somewhat harder than Mercy Me but would likely appeal to their audience. There is not a song on the CD that I skip. It can be another one of those worship in your truck CD’s. Come to think of it I would like having these guys in my church as a worship band.

Although none of the songs are on my overall favorite list there are a couple that are quite good. I like Intoxicating even though the long instrumental at the end isn’t my favorite and No One Like You does get up and move a little.

Heaven Came Down is a hymn that I’ve sang in church for years. It is always interesting to hear how bands take these old favorites and make them come alive again.

A review I read called the bands style “alternative rock worship”. I would not particularly agree with the alternative rock label or at least my definition of alternative rock.

This is a good CD and I would recommend it to anyone looking for good worship style music that isn’t too hard or soft.

Songs on the CD include:

Sparks Fly
Revolutionary Love
Praise Him (All This for a King)
Skies Interlude
Open Skies
How Great
No One Like You
All Creatures #2
Only You
Deliver Me
Coming Toward
Heaven Came Down
Glorious Day
You Alone Vs 2

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David Crowder Illuminate

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