The Dead Whisper On

Their Warnings Come in a Whisper

The Dead Whisper On is written by T.L. Hines who also authored Waking Lazarus.

This book is about a woman who thinks she hears the voice of her dead father calling her to help others. This eventually involves her in sinister events in her hometown, which is an old mining town whose boom has gone bust some years earlier.

The Dead Whisper On will pull you along but I did not like this book as much as Hines’ first offering. I think some of this may be because I never really knew what is going on, even at the end. Now, a good book often leaves you wondering what is happening, but I never was able to figure it out. I would have liked a little more light on the subject somewhere along the way.

This book is interesting; I just would have liked to have understood what was going on a little more.

If you are new to T.L. Hines I would recommend Waking Lazarus. If you have read Waking Lazarus and would like more of Hines The Dead Whisper On is good, but not quite up to his initial offering.

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