God's Hands

Why I Don't Believe In Evolution

by Dana Huffman

There are 2 reasons I don't believe in the theory of evolution.

One, I believe in grace. At the root of the gospel is this belief: We live by the grace of God, through Jesus, in spite of our weakness. The bible teaches that God's power is made perfect in weakness. The apostle Paul said he would boast about his weakness so that God's power could rest on him. (2 Corinthians 12:9-10) Evolutionists believe in the "survival of the fittest"- they believe the strong prevail, and the weak are bound to death and extinction. This allows for all kinds of ungodliness. In an effort to stay alive or in power, one could fabricate any number of excuses for unkindness or cruelty towards weaker individuals. I believe in the gospel. I believe in grace. I believe in the "survival of the unfit."

Two, I believe in the creative power of God's word. I believe that "in the beginning" God spoke into darkness and brought light, spoke into chaos and brought order, spoke into a void and filled it. I believe God's word does this today. God's word brings light and order to my life. It changes me. It creates new attitudes in my heart and new behaviors in my body. It brings life, even paradise, to me.

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