The Dragonmaster

When light and darkness collide - sparks fly!

The Dragonmaster is authored by Nigel Conway Partis.

The Dragonmaster is set in the western mountains of Wales where evil spirits are unwittingly released. A "worldly" but "chosen" young Englishman moves to Wales where he is befriended and introduced to Chrisitianity by his landlord and a beautiful young lady. On the other side of the world this young man's friend unknowingly assists a Chinese Satanist in unleashing evil spirits in the mountains of Wales. The battle then ensues between good and evil.

It is a good story and told in great detail. At times the great detail is a bit too much. There are a couple of times when the book turns into a long sermon. Now, I'm not against a good sermon, but not in the middle of a fictional book. I understand that this is a Christian based story, but the sermons took us too far away from the storyline.

In the end it is a good book and could be a good book for those who are not yet believers as it tells the story of a non-believer who becomes a believer and then follows the leading of the Holy Spirit.

If you are looking for a little different twist in Christian fiction Dragonmaster may be what you are looking for.

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