The Dream Giver

The Dream Giver by Bruce Wilkinson

Are you living your dream? Or just living your life?

A while back I was looking for a book that looked interesting and when I saw the above two statements they really struck home with me.

The Dream Giver is a two part book that begins with a parable about Ordinary who is a nobody with a dream. The parable describes Ordinary’s journey while pursuing his big dream. It was interesting to see how many times Ordinary’s problems were my problems. It often seems like I’m in the wasteland, dealing with giants or in the borderland with bullies.

The second part of the book is guidance for us as we pursue our big dream. The author believes that we all have a big dream that God has given us and that only through Him will we accomplish the dream.

As you can see from the chapter titles below, the obstacles that we and others place in front of us are discussed. Even though God gives us our big dream it is up to us to pursue it and there will be obstacles.

The author goes into detail using personal and biblical examples of those that have pursued their big dream. He also gives examples of the questions that we all have when we think that we can’t pursue our dreams and gives the answers to these questions.

I recommend this book for everyone. We all have a dream and God’s work here on earth is through us and our dreams that have been given to us by Him.

The chapters in the book include:

Ordinary Embraces His Big Dream
Ordinary Leaves His Comfort Zone
Ordinary Meets Bullies in the BorderLand
Ordinary Enters the WasteLand
Ordinary Finds Sanctuary
Ordinary Reaches the Valley of Giants
Ordinary Thrives in the Land of Promise
Meet Your Dream Coach
You Were Born for This
Living Past the Edge
Unexpected Opposition
Diamonds in the Desert
A Surprising Invitation
The Heart of a Warrior
Living Out Your Big Dream

The Dream Giver

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