End Times Church Deception

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End Times Church Deception is authored by Todd Perla.

This book is an argument for the post tribulation rapture of the church. There is some debate these days on whether or not the church will be raptured before or after the tribulation and Dr. Perla believes that Biblical evidence shows that the church will be raptured after the tribulation.

Is this an easy book to read and understand? Of course not. Is this a subject that Christians should be learning more about? Yes, I believe it is. Remember that the Old Testament prophesied the messiah, but many did not believe that Jesus Christ was the messiah. We all know that that Bible tells us of the rapture and the end of the earth as we know it today and I think that it is important to try to understand what will happen.

I’ll admit that I did not understand a good portion of this book upon the first read through, but I will surely keep this book on my shelf and look to it along with the Biblical scripture to look at events in the future as they may pertain to the beginning of the tribulation.

Even if this subject isn’t what you normally look to read I think that it is important enough to spend some time in study and End Times Church Deception is a good guide in doing so.

End Times Church Deception

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