Escaping The Vampire

Desperate For The Immortal Hero

Escaping The Vampire is authored by Kimberly Powers and was written in response to the popular Twilight book series and the fascination of young girls with the characters in these books.

Kimberly explains that the hero all girls are looking for is Jesus, not the vampire that seems so appealing in these books.

After seeing the book title and a very brief description of the book I thought that it would delve more into the Twilight books, but it does not. It does touch on vampires in general to some extent in the first chapters, but the vampire subject and the Twilight books are not deeply dealt with in the book.

Escaping The Vampire is a good book for girls who do not know Jesus. All young girls are looking for something and it is a shame that so few are told who the real hero is. This book depends heavily on Biblical scripture and would be great for girls that are looking in all of the wrong places to fill that whole that Jesus fits perfectly.

The chapters in Escaping The Vampire include:
Allure of Darkness
Charmed in the Garden
Poison in the Bite
In Need of a Hero
Desperate for Forgiveness
Rescued by Love
Flirting with Shadows
Illuminated Within
Living Brave and Beautiful
Undying Love
Your Place in the Story

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