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Ethel's Wait

by: Dana Huffman

My mother was a nurse and Ethel was one of her most memorable patients. Ethel was an elderly woman who believed in something and determined to wait for it until it happened. Ethel's son told her that he would be coming to the hospital for a visit. So Ethel got ready and was put in her wheel chair, which she maneuvered into the hallway to watch for his arrival. It did not seem likely to anyone that Ethel's son would actually come. Outside it was a fierce Minnesota winter day, temperatures were dangerously low and news programs were warning people to stay in. My mother tried to gently explain this to Ethel, but Ethel would hear none of it. She knew her son was coming. Dinner came and went, but Ethel's son did not. Finally the nurses had to insist that Ethel get in bed for the night. Ethel was not happy about this. She was put in bed, but she did not give up her vigil. When my mother peeked in her room, there she sat with her light on watching the door. Finally, late in the night, a man appeared at the end of the hall. He was heading for Ethel's room. Ethel's son had arrived. Later when my mother checked in on Ethel and her visitor, Ethel looked up with eyes that said, "I told you he would come."

This is how I imagine I will wait for Jesus coming. I feel world weary and weak as I long for him. The hour wanes and others fall asleep. Some say, "I doubt Jesus will come." But I know He will. I keep watching for him. Then when the hour is most dark and late, my eyelids heavy and my heart faint, Jesus will appear just like he promised. A smile will light my face, tears will fill my eyes, and like Ethel I will say at the sight of him, "I knew you would come!"

Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord. Psalms 27:14 NIV

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