Experiencing God

How to Live the Full Adventure of Knowing and Doing the Will of God

Experiencing God was written by Henry T. Blackaby and Claude V. King.

As the sub-title states this book is about determining what God is telling you to do and putting that into action. There is plenty of material in this book, yet I was still left scratching my head by the time I finished. The head scratcher for me was determining exactly when God is talking to you. They say in the book that we aren’t to follow our own thoughts, desires or dreams but I’m still not sure when you know for sure that you are following God or following your own thoughts, desires or dreams.

If you are a pastor then this book could very well help you in your walk with God and listening for what He wants you to do. On the other hand for us lay folks out there who are looking for direction in our work lives this book is not a direct application. It’s not impossible for you to gain insight from this book but it deals only with pastor/missionary situations when examples are given.

I can’t say this is either the worst or best book I’ve ever read and I also can’t say that it was a waste of time to read this book. I’m sure that the thoughts provoked in me may help me determine what God is trying to tell me in the future.

If you are a pastor I think this would be a good book to help you hear what God is saying to you. For the rest of us this book may at least make us think and we could possibly apply these same thoughts to our lives as well.

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Experiencing God

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