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Break It Down

by Dana Huffman

Faith is a choice. Faith, seeing two options, doing a thing God's way or doing a thing another way, chooses God's way. Even if it only sees a small piece of the way. Even if it doesn't see how things will add up.

Faith is a cry. If faith feels powerless, if it lacks strength, or courage, or skill, it will cry to God for help.

Faith is a key. If you hold the key, whatever God has for you opens.

Faith is a letting go. Faith lets go of a way something is "normally" done. It lets go of a "normal" action or reaction. It lets go of a "pattern" of behavior that is not one of God's patterns.

Faith is an action. It takes a step. One step. If the step is difficult, faith will still lift its foot and take it.

Faith is an anchor. It is not tossed about by feelings.

Faith is a listener. Faith listens for what God says about a matter, it listens to learn about the way it is talking. It keeps its ear turned toward heaven. It waits for and acknowledges God's voice.

Faith is a seed. God puts it in my heart. But I decide if it will live there.

When the Son of Man comes, will he find faith on the earth? Luke 18:8 NIV

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