Father The Future

Father the Future is a book written by Fabio Ivano Magalini. I would call this book the musings and thoughts of a hermit. Not sure if musings and thoughts are the same thing or not, but it sounded good.

This book isn't a book per say. It is more of a collection of writings, poems and pictures. I'll have to admit that I'm not a big poetry fan, so that surely has an influence on by rating. On the other hand I liked the writing. You never know what each will be about. Maybe his writing wanders just like my mind does and that seemed familiar.

To sum up our review let's briefly focus on the writing, if focus can be used since there isn't a focus to the writing. It varied from stories about the author's past to the spiders in his room. All the while keeping me very interested in what he said. It reminded me of timed writings an English teacher had us do in high school. Start the clock and just write something. In my opinion this worked well for Fabio. He's an excellent writer.

If you like to read the very interesting musings of a hermit, give this one a try.

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