Finding God In Unexpected Places

Finding God Where Few Think To Look

Finding God In Unexpected Places is written by Phillip Yancey.

I’m not sure what to say about Finding God In Unexpected Places. Phillip Yancey has been one of my favorite Christian authors with The Jesus I Never New and What’s So Amazing About Grace, but this book wasn’t what I expected.

This book seemed to me like it was a collection of stories and experiences that Yancey had and didn’t know what to do with. In general the stories are very good, they just weren’t what I was expecting.

Was this a good book? Yes. It just wasn’t what I expected from the title and it did not make me think as deeply as some of his previous titles.

This book also included some information that I had previously read in some of Yancey’s other books. It wasn’t so much that I always felt that I had read this book before, but there is some repeat information. All in all, I would say that the information that I recognized from his other books did not hurt this book at all. Sometimes I need to read things more than once anyway.

If you are looking for your first Yancey book I would suggest one of the others, but if you are a Yancey fan than you will still find this book interesting.

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Finding God

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