Forever Altered Yet Unbroken

Forever Altered Yet Unbroken is written by Kasey M. Carter. Kasey was 17 weeks pregnant when she lost her baby and she has written this book to help those families who have lost children.

My wife and I had a similar experience so we know the grief that a couple goes through in these times. The advice in this book is a good source for couples that are going through a similar experience.

This book covers all aspects of the grief that couples go through when they lose a child and how God can hold our hands and bring us through these situations and help us to use these experiences to help others.

If you have lost a child read Forever Altered Yet Unbroken to see what God has to say to you.

Chapters include the following:
Why Me?
Effective Communication is Healthy
Life in Perspective
Borrowing God’s Children
How to Love after Loss
Desiring Helpful Insight
Our Tragic Story
Power of Prayer
Do Not Worry
Understanding Death and Explaining It to Children
Would God Bless Us with a Miracle?
God Enriches Our Lives Once Again
Turning Tragedy into Witnessing Tool
Reflective Thoughts
What Is Your Purpose?
Praise God through the Tragedy

Forever Altered Yet Unbroken

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