Friendship is a memoir written by Francis Mandewah. A true story of adventure, goodwill and endurance.

Francis' story is a fascinating one. Growing up in Sierra Leone in the seventies, Francis seemed destined to live a subsistence life in a small African community. Fortunately for Francis, God smiled on him in the form of a friendly American.

Although Francis escaped the small African community he didn' t escape troubles in his life, even once he made it to America where he had always dreamed to go to school and live in.

This is a very engaging story as Francis travels across continents. There are life threatening moments and moments that make you ashamed of your fellow man. Somehow through it all Francis is always able to look back at the remarkable kindness of one man and keep his outlook bright.

Through all of his trails, tribulations and travels Francis never forgets the blessings that God has laid before him.

This memoir truly is a story of adventure, goodwill and endurance.

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