Gathering Courage

Gathering Courage is a book written by T. A. McMullin.

Through my life I've seen those who have faced adversity handle it in much different ways. Some let it tear them down and never seem to escape letting it bury them for a lifetime. Others just seem to muttle through and survive it. Still, others harness the grace of Jesus Christ and thrive. This is what McMullin did with her life. She used the adversities of her childhood along with non-parental encouragement to build a life of serving others while overcoming the shortcomings in her own life.

This book won't draw you through like a good thriller, but yet you will look forward to each chapter as she continues to overcome and conquer each adversity that she faces. This book is simply a real good book to read and a great story of overcoming.

The other thing I'll have to admit is that it will draw a bit of a spotlight into your life and make you wonder what you've done with your life. Especially if you haven't had as many hurdles in your life as the author. So beware, this book could also prick your conscience.

All in all, this book is a great read about a great woman overcoming a difficult upbringing and a learning disability.

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