Give Me Words

Give Me Words is the debut CD by Tim Juillet. I’m having a hard time fitting this CD into a particular music style. A male artist singing melodic ballads for the most part similar to a Todd Agnew or the David Crowder Band would seem to be a good comparison but that just doesn’t seem to do it. There is something a little different about the style of this CD and I just can’t put my finger on it.

Still I worship reminds me of a song from my past, I’m talking 20 or 30 years ago, but I can’t figure out what it is. Maybe some of you will be able to figure it out. Like Joshua At Jericho is a catchy tune as well.

My Story is a good song that starts with a good slow beat dominated by percussion, bass and piano. For my taste I would have liked to have seen this song change pace a little differently than it did, but that is a taste of a rock music aficionado.

There are times and places where you can tell that this is a debut CD particularly in the seeming incoherence of the songs style and at times the artist seemed to be reaching for the vocals.

If you like Christian male vocalists and you are looking for something new and different Give Me Words may be what you are looking for.

Song titles include:
Give Me Words
Stay Amazed
Like Joshua At Jericho
Still I’ll Worship
Trails Will Come
America Repent
My Story
I Willingly Surrender
This Is God
Just Saying Thank You
In An Instant
Better Days
Run To The Rock
Unimagined Glory

To learn more about Tim Juillet and his CD Give Me Words visit IndieHeaven.