If You Commit God Will Help

Author: Bruce Cook

Last fall our Free Methodist Church was celebrating its 110th birthday. When we built the new church on Washington Pike it was the Wellsburg Free Methodist Church and a small church from Avella, Pa. that had merged with us. Later on the Follansbee Church also merged with us, thus it is now called the Brooke Hills Free Methodist Church.

I agreed to read an article that I had written pertaining to my younger years and the Wellsburg Free Methodist Church, called “Our Little Church On The Corner”, as a part of the program, along with others who were to give a brief history of the Avella and Follansbee churches. Another current member of our church was to talk about the Brooke Hills Church present and future.

About a week or ten days before that Sunday I developed a very bad cold or virus with a fever, and it worsened into a case of severe bronchitis that caused constant coughing. Later I started taking antibiotics but it didn’t seem to help much. As the Sunday evening grew closer I wasn’t any better, and my wife said Bruce you’re not going to be able to participate in the program, you’re just not able to. I told her that I had promised and that I would either have to get someone else to read it or there would be a gap in the program. I told her that I was praying for the Lord to help me, I knew that if He wanted me to speak for Him that He would surely help me.

When Sunday afternoon came I was still fevered, coughing and continued to do so up until the time of the service. We didn’t go to the church until it was just about time for the service to start and I took a bottle of water to have on hand if needed. I found that I was first on the list to speak. We had sat down in the back of the church to keep from contacting other people. I even refused to shake hands with anyone explaining that I had a bad cold. As soon as my wife and I sat down the coughing stopped. When I was introduced I went forward to the pulpit and read as if I’d never had a cold, never coughing once during the entire reading. As soon as the program was over, we hurried out the door as quickly as possible to go home not going to the social time and refreshments afterwards. My coughing started up again as soon as I got into the car and continued on for several days.

When we got home I asked my wife if she noticed how the Lord had taken care of me. She said that she felt it was a miracle that I could do it, and it was. Hardly anyone had known my condition that evening. I am still amazed at times how much God intervenes to help us, and how much he loves us. Usually I am not a speaker or a reader but each time I do it for the Lord, He is there to help me, and I praise Him for that. I want God to get all of the credit, because I can do nothing without Him.

If you are like I was and afraid to get up before people and talk about the Lord or His work, get out of your comfort zone as others in our church have talked about. He will surely be there to calm and help you. It may not be speaking, it can be anything that you have a talent for, so use it for Him and God will surely help you. Just call on His wonderful name.


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