God's Hands


Two Men And God's Command

In the bible we see how two men respond differently to God's word. One man is Pharaoh the other is Moses. When God spoke to Pharaoh, Pharaoh responded with a hard heart. He said, "Who is the Lord that I should obey him... I do not know the Lord." He may as well have added "And I don't intend to know him." Pharaoh already had things figured out in his own mind. He had a kingdom to expand and great wealth to shovel around. He didn't even ask questions about God or the things God said. Blowing off God's word like that caused Pharaoh to be plagued by some things. Both he and those under him suffered some heart breaking losses. It's a mistake to think we are God's equal.

Moses responded to God's words with a soft heart. He listened and obeyed. He did not listen without questions. And he did not obey without struggling. But, he set out to do what God told him. Because of that he saw the Promised Land. Those under him were led out of bondage.

A lot hinges on our personal response to what God says- our salvation, our family's destiny, freedom. Trust his word.

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