God's Weekend Show

Author: Bruce Cook

This past Friday August 19th my wife Laura Lee and I decided that the two of us would go to what I call the farm, (although there is no farming done there) to spend the weekend and return home on Sunday afternoon. On most trips we make there is usually someone else going or coming to stay with us, however this weekend there was to be just the two of us. The children and grandchildren all had other commitments to attend to.

We arrived there at about three o’clock, and after getting our things out of the truck and opening up the house I got one of the four wheeler atv’s, my old faithful Honda 250, out of the barn and went out to check my son’s deer feeders. One of the feeders is located about a mile from the house out an old road that had once been the main road running through our property past the old house, but for fifty or sixty years has been abandoned.

During my ride I noticed that the whitetail deer clover plots that my son had planted needed to be brush hogged to cut the grass and weeds down to the level of the clover. I decided to return to the barn and get the old 2040 John Deere tractor out and brush hog them as well as the road to them. By the time I had finished four of the five plots it was getting late. Laura Lee had prepared a couple of hamburgers to eat for supper. After eating our hamburgers we retired to sit on our screened in porch and just relax and enjoy the country sounds of bugs, tractors, a cow bawling, or once in a while the sound of a car, truck or atv on the main road across the hollow. There are times in the evening and on Sundays that there is almost a complete silence except for the sound of frogs or locusts. Those are really magical times.

As we sat there this evening and the light began to fade away we saw the moon appear as a magnificent orb over the horizon in the east. We watched as it appeared in full view over the well house. It seemed to sit on the horizon for a time as if to show off its beauty through the large walnut tree by the house. We then realized that we were fortunate enough to be there during the full moon.

As this magnificent orb came up over the eastern horizon and the warmth of the day faded into the crispness of evening, there was a magical quality about the moon’s soft forgiving light. It seemed as though all of our worries, illnesses, problems and harsh realities of the world were gently massaged away with this lunar magic.

Laura Lee, who loves the full moon and sounds of bugs at evening, and I remained on the screened-in porch watching the spectacular show of beauty being displayed to us by God until about eleven thirty that night. The moon by then had risen above the tree and out of view from the porch, but a soft light remained all around that allowed us to see the deer feeding out in our old garden area. It was truly a magical sight.

I wonder how many of us ever get to just stop, watch and enjoy this magical display that God has given us to enjoy. Laura Lee loves it and always wants to show the moon and the full display of stars in heaven that are in full view at the farm to our grandchildren.

The next morning Laura Lee got up at 7:30 am and went down stairs to make coffee and start breakfast. There was a cool soft breeze coming in the window across the bed. I thought that I could lie in bed a while but found that I couldn’t and joined her in the kitchen. She prepared a breakfast of bacon, eggs and toast for us and then we went back onto the porch to drink our coffee. (Several Cups).

The temperature during the past few days had been reaching into the 90’s, so after a while I thought that I had better do some spot mowing of the grass around the house and barn before the day heated up again.

In the afternoon during my mowing, our neighbor who lives a half a mile from us rode out to visit with us for a while. This is how I keep up with all the news around the area. During his visit we had a short shower of a few minutes. So he thought that he had better get back home. After completing several chores that I wanted to do we found evening coming upon us again. Laura Lee had cooked green beans and potatoes along with slice tomatoes for supper. After sitting on the porch for a while I decided to get my bath early because of the amount of sweat and dust I had accumulated during the day.

By this time it had begun to cloud up and we could hear the thunder off in the distance. With our house located high on a hill we can see and hear for miles. As we returned to sitting on the porch we could see lightening along with the thunder in the east, with a real dark sky to our south. The sky all along the east was different colors of orange, red and yellow with lightening flashing behind them causing a beautiful sight to see. At the same time the thunder was almost continuous, sounding like bowling or moving furniture in Heaven. The thunder lasted late into the night.

Later in the evening when it was getting darker we began seeing large flashes of lightening in the sky, some with long fingers or just straight line flashes. Then came the rain that was much needed. At times a fog would fill all of the hollows and drift up across our yard, and then slowly drift away. During this time you can feel a sense of peace, healing of body and spirit; you can be transported back to your youth with no aches or pains for a while. You can be young in heart, if not in body.

This weekend we had experienced several of God’s gifts to us in nature. We had experienced the sunshine, moon, cool breeze, rain, lightening, thunder, beauty of the heavens and earth, animals, sounds of bugs, and even being alone in the woods on my atv. Even though we missed church this Sunday, I felt Gods presence in everything I saw and did. How can anyone not want to serve a God who cares that much about us by giving us these gifts?

Laura Lee and I thank God for this past weekend when He revealed to us again the beauty and power of His universe and creations. I pray that others will slow down enough to see how much He loves them by giving all of these wonderful gifts to them. And may they always want to serve Him.

Note: The picture on the homepage was taken near sunset at “the farm”.

Honda 250 ATV

This is the author's granddaughter on the old faithful Honda 250 near the old house.

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