Grace Like Rain
Todd Agnew

I’ve been listening to Todd Agnew's Grace Like Rain now for a couple of months but have put off this review. It has proven to be a difficult review to write.

The reviews on are all glowing recommendations. Many of the reviews talk about the range of music on the CD and this is my problem. As the main review says, this CD contains rock, blues, soul and gospel. A little variation is OK but this is more variation on style than I like.

There is little doubt that this guy can sing. I remember back some years ago I used to go to a concert or two and I went to see Billy Joel. I wasn’t a Billy Joel fan but my sister was so I went along. As it turned out, that concert was among the best I’d heard. I would like to here Todd Agnew live, I have to think it would be similar to the Billy Joel concert. A great voice with good backup is sure to stand out live.

Reached Down, This Fragile Breath and the title track Grace Like Rain are all good songs. They have a little get up and go to them. We all know that with my harder music tastes that a little get up and go is right up my alley. Grace Like Rain is a version of the venerable hymn Amazing Grace; you can’t go wrong lyrically with that one.

The songs in the middle of the CD are the songs that I like the least but it ends well. After the last song, which isn’t bad, are two additional songs. The first is another variation of Grace Like Rain and the other is a souped up version of the hymn Blessed Jesus both of which keep me from ending the CD early.

Todd Agnew leaves no doubt that this is a Christian CD, there are no hidden messages. You won’t be disappointed if you are looking for Christian worship music.

I’d like to see him blow the doors off and let her rip for an entire CD. I haven’t heard his 2005 release but I may have to give it a try.

This CD may suit those that like the style of the David Crowder Band and those that like all of the worship style music but will probably be a little light for those die-hard Skillet or Pillar fans that do not like to soften up a bit.

Song titles on Grace Like Rain include:

Reached Down
This Fragile Breath (The Thunder Song)
Grace Like Rain
Romans 12:1
Still Here Waiting
Come Ye Sinners
You Are
Lay It Down
Only One Thing
Wait For Your Rain

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Todd Agnew Grace Like Rain

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