GS Megaphone Out Of My Mind

I was first introduced to GS Megaphone when I heard the song Out Of My Mind on a Christian Rock compilation CD called Sonic Fuel and thought that the band sounded real good.

GS Megaphone is good old rock, no holds barred, along the same sound as 12 Stones, Kutless or Skillet without any screaming or rapping. They’re just solid rock with hard driving guitar and drums. A couple of the songs slow down some but never give in completely to a ballad.

All of the songs are blatantly Christian, there is no hidden meaning in the lyrics. Their lyrics could not be mistaken for anything but Christian based music.

One of my favorite songs on the CD is Alive. It starts rather slow and comes on real strong. I always like changes within songs whether it is the tempo or just changes in the intensity. I also like the last song on the CD, I’d Rather See God’s Face. It is an excellent song with a real neat tempo change and great lyrics.

Use Me, Out Of My Mind and Kaleidoscope are also favorites. This CD has some real good music.

If you like a lot of guitar and drum but do not like screaming or rap mixed in then GS Megaphone is the band for you.

Song titles on Out Of My Mind include:

Use Me
Out Of My Mind
Prodigal Dad
Cradle Of Peace
Man Alone
Sincerely Yours
Proverb Doll
I’d Rather See God’s Face

GS Megaphone Out Of My Mind

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