God's Hands


Having Doubts?

by: Dana Huffman

This week there was something God wanted me to do. He had made that very clear. He even let me know exactly how I should go about doing it. The thing God wanted me to do was not huge or even very hard, yet when the time came for me to act, doubts came flying at me, seemingly out of nowhere. Thoughts like, "Wait a minute, what are you doing? Are you sure that's a good idea? I really don't think that is such a good idea after all. In fact, that seems a little foolish now, don't you think Dana?" As these thoughts assailed me I started to feel confused. I felt myself backing up from what God had clearly told me to do.

This scenario is positively ancient. Listening to, believing, and obeying God is a struggle that has been going on for ages. The temptation to doubt God's words and swallow Satan's lies has been played out since Genesis chapter three. That is when the enemy first sauntered up to Eve and said, not something big, bad, and ugly, but something smooth, slippery, and easy to swallow. Something like, "Did God really say?"

If you have listened to God's word, believed it and chosen to obey it, hang on when the waves of doubt hit. Ride those waves out in faith and don't get drawn into a conversation with the enemy. Don't let his smooth talking cause you to back up or back down. The enemy tried to make Eve think that what God said was not a big deal. The enemy lied, it was a big deal. God's words to you are a big deal. They are good and important. Grip them tight in your spirit, because as we learn from Genesis chapter three, life and death, blessings and curses, hang in the balance.

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