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Can I Really Hear From God

by: Dana Huffman

Absolutely. But first it may help to know how God speaks. In past times God spoke through prophets at many times and in different ways, but in these last days he has spoken to us by his Son Jesus (Hebrews 1:1-2). When Jesus came to earth he was called "the Word" of God in the flesh. So we can hear from God just by learning about the things Jesus did and said. These things are recorded by eyewitnesses in the bible.

The bible is also called the word of God. Reading the bible helps us build a "hearing foundation." This foundation builds as we read to discover who God is and how he works. In the bible we learn about God's unchanging purposes and qualities. The Holy Spirit helps us communicate with God by opening our minds to understand the truths we read and by reminding us of those truths when we need them (John 14:26). Then when God speaks personally to us, and scripture proves that he will, we can match or confirm the words He says to us with all we have read about him. Henry Blackaby says that God will use circumstances, the church, or other believers to confirm what he tells us, to give us further direction or an awareness of His timing. Prepare yourself to hear from God by building a hearing foundation with His word.

(To be continued next time.)

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