Hearts of the Innocent

Hearts of the Innocent is the fourth release from Kutless and has taken the band back towards the style of their first self titled CD.

Unfortunately I haven’t yet heard Strong Tower but Hearts of the Innocent sounds to me like a mix between Kutless and Sea of Faces leaning more towards the harder sound of the original Kutless. Since I enjoyed both of these previous CD’s I also like their latest sound.

My favorite songs are Smile, Winds of Change, Changing World and Million Dollar Man which I would call hard catchy. There aren’t any bad songs on this CD, no candidates for the skip button.

If you enjoyed either Kutless or Sea Of Faces I think you will also like Hearts of the Innocent. If you are new to Kutless but like to listen to melodic rock this may be just your style.

Song titles include:

Hearts of the Innocent
Shut Me Out
Beyond the Surface
Promise of a Lifetime
Winds of Change
Somewhere in the Sky
Push Me Away
Changing World
Million Dollar Man

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Hearts of the Innocent

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